Suffering From an Upper Cervical Misalignment?

If you are experiencing any kind of health issue, it’s important to get checked out by a chiropractor to see if there is a misalignment in your upper cervical spine. Many people don’t realize that this can be the root cause of many health problems. This blog post will discuss how to determine if you have an upper cervical misalignment and what Dr. Norris Golberg’s NUCCA approach can do to help you! Book a consultation today!


How do you determine if your neck is out of alignment?

One of the easiest ways to determine if you have an upper cervical misalignment is to look at your posture. If your head is tilted to one side or your shoulders or pelvis are uneven, this is a good indicator that something is out of alignment in your spine. Another way to tell if you have an upper cervical misalignment is by checking your range of motion. If you find it difficult to turn your head from side to side or look up and down, this could be a sign of an issue. Pain may or may not be present in the upper cervical spine so this is not a good indicator, in fact, most pains in the body are caused by problems in a different area.

Causes of a upper cervical misalignment
This shows brain health flow is interrupted when there is a subluxation in the cervical spine

Neck Misalignment Symptoms

There are two ways misalignments in the neck can affect your body:

  1.  Posture is directly affected by the suboccipital muscles which connect the upper cervical bones and the skull. Think of these muscles as not regular muscles, but half muscles, half sensory organs that send important signals to the brain, which then coordinate the larger muscles to have more or less tension in an attempt to best protect and compensate for the negative effects of the upper cervical misalignment (essential damage control).
  2. Another effect of the misalignment is dentate ligament tensile forces into the brain stem and spinal cord. The brain stem is the most important part of the nervous system and controls all vital functions like heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. When these ligaments tug on the brain stem, it can cause a myriad of health problems.

The symptoms from a misalignment in the neck can be far-ranging as it can have an effect on the whole body, symptoms include:

How Can a NUCCA Certified Upper Cervical Chiropractor Help You?

The good news is that NUCCA can help! NUCCA is a chiropractic approach that focuses on correcting misalignments in the upper cervical spine. This is done by gently realigning the bones in your neck without making any forceful adjustments. NUCCA has been shown to be very effective in reducing pain and improving overall health. Sometimes patients have other spinal and extremity joint misalignments, and Dr. Norris can effectively help with those as well.

NUCCA uses precise measurements to identify the location of the misalignment and then makes a very small and gentle adjustment to realign the vertebrae. This type of chiropractic care is safe for people of all ages, including infants and children. This approach is very effective in relieving pressure on the brain stem and restoring proper function to the nervous system. If you think you may have an upper cervical misalignment, please contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Causes of a upper cervical misalignment
Cervical spine misaligned vs back in alignment.

If you think you may have an upper cervical misalignment, please call today at 720-593-9796 to schedule a consultation. NUCCA can help improve your overall health and quality of life!

We would be more than happy to do a free consultation, if it sounds like you are a good candidate for care then the next step is the initial Neuro-Structural Testing. This initial testing is where Dr. Norris thoroughly evaluates neurological function, posture asymmetries, and leg length inequality and then takes specialized X-rays to very precisely measure the degree of misalignment and how to best correct it (hint: it’s not as simple as cracking the neck as most traditional Chiropractors or DPTs do, and in fact, that may be just making it worse over time).


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Dr. Norris knows that most people are unfamiliar with this specialized approach let alone chiropractic care, or the fact that their chronic condition has not responded to much and many prior tests have been inconclusive. so he can appreciate people’s apprehension to jump into an examination. If Dr. Norris finds that during or after completing the examination you do not have an upper cervical misalignment he will know he will be unable to help and will simply give you your money back and even help to refer or direct you to a more appropriate provider.

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