Early this month I had a pretty crazy “miracle case” at Koru. I had a young lady come in, as referral from another Pierce Results System Doctor in Northern Maine who was caring for her grandmother. The granddaughter was suffering from chronic low back pain, but what was most intriguing about her case was that she had recently developed an eye problem where she lost control of her left eye, causing double vision, nausea, and headaches. She had seen several MD’s and specialists, had extensive advanced imaging of her eyes and brain to rule out a tumor, and even blood work to consider a thyroid issue. None of the testing came back positive and they chalked up her condition to an “over strengthened eye muscle.” When she came to me she had no answers after all of that, and honestly I was unsure what could be causing it as well, but I knew “over strengthened eye muscle” was not a good enough answer, that’s the effect, not the cause!

As a neurologically based chiropractor my job is to locate and correct vertebral subluxation AKA spinal misalignments. That’s it. It’s simple if you have the right knowledge, technology and technique to do so. By correcting the subluxation, the neurological function is restored, and therefore so is the healing potential in the patient’s body. This approach helps with not just back pain, neck pain, and headaches, but also migraines, fibromyalgia, numbness and tingling, infertility, digestive issues and more.

The spine, the highway towards health or sickness, you get to choose how you take care of it.

So after the New Patient Orientation and reviewing her neurological evaluation results and x-ray analysis I gave her a care plan recommendation, proceeded by her 1st adjustment. She stood up from the table and for the first time I saw BOTH eyes! I was honestly shocked, I asked her if she noticed and she said she saw just one of me for the first time! This was absolutely amazing, and honestly a miracle case in my books. I’ve had three successful infertility cases and many more amazing and unexpected changes in my patient’s health, but this was the coolest thing that has happened in the practice in a while. This was also life change for the young woman who was facing a life of disability and suffering.

I have now seen this young woman for several adjustments over the past few weeks. Her eye remains uncrossed and the vision is normal, she has also expressed an immense improvement in how she feels overall and has almost zero pain in her low back. Dr. BJ Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic used to say so his students “Expect Miracles”…he saw them everyday in his practice. I don’t see them everyday, but I try to be optimistic when there is little evidence to the contrary, because I have practiced long enough to see the healing potential of the human body once the root cause of the problem is analyzed for, located, and corrected, only then can one achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Contact us today if you are undergoing infertility and seeking help.