Simple exercises to target trigger points at home

Today we are going to talk about your headaches and migraines and how I can help you with trigger points at home. This is a great self-help technique for common aches. However, sometimes it’s hard to reach the places you want to massage or it’s difficult to relax while trying to reach your trigger points yourself. This is where tools can make a great difference. A simple inexpensive technique is to use a round ball that is firm to the squeeze to help control easier. You can place it behind your back and lean against a wall, scooting yourself up and down to roll the ball over a sore or tight spot next to your shoulder blade. 


What do you need for these quick exercises?

All your going to need is a lacrosse ball or tennis ball. A racket ball or baseball can also work. The firmer the better so that you will have some resistance. You will place the ball behind your back between yourself and the wall.

Angling your body away from the wall and leaning in just enough to feel a little bit of discomfort but no so tight that you can’t relax. The angling of your body helps control the weight that you are putting on the ball and then once you find a good spot you just need to lean there for a while, and you will feel some pain and tenseness in the beginning and it will start to go away as the muscle will start to relax. Then you can move around the ball to other trigger points and feel the same process as before. This is a daily routine that you can do at home. 

Moving to the inside closer to your spine is a great trigger point. Other trigger points to focus on will be the front of your neck on your (SCM) sternocleidomastoid muscle. Turn around and face the wall, turn your head to the opposite side of where the ball will be and put the ball between you and the wall like before. Then you will put the ball right on your collar bone while putting a little bit of pressure and rolling it from side to side. You don’t want to be too rough since you neck has more delicate muscle attachments.


Its not all about time but doing this every other day is a great way to see progress quicker. Doing about 5-15 mins each time is a good cadence to stay on track. This is great for someone that does repetitive moments or sits at a desk all day to tenderize your muscles so they aren’t so tight and grisly and cause you so much pain and discomfort. This helps with shoulder pain and neck pain and this will help with some of the headaches and migraines that you are experiencing. 

Doing at home exercises, stretches and self massages are great ways to help your existing problems with headaches and migraines but it won’t always be an easy fix like above. At Koru Chiropractic we specialize in back pain, neck pain, vertigo, and migraine headaches. Take the time to come in and learn more about your problems, create a plan and get the results you’ve always wanted but didn’t know where to start.