Navigating Life’s Twists

Hi there!

I’m Dr. Paul Fierro, a chiropractor who never actually intended on being a chiropractor. Weird, right? Well, it took me a while to get here, so let’s see where I’ve been.

I was born on Long Island, New York to two incredibly loving parents. As a high school athlete, my torture of choice was wrestling. I enjoyed the sport to some extent, but I really just did it because my father was a high school wrestler, and my brother was currently on the team. Obliging with the family sports lineage, I dedicated my hours (and health) to the sport.

In my freshman year I earned the touted classification of Varisty at the 119lb weight-class. Sitting naturally at 148lbs, the cut to 119lbs was extremely difficult, but I had no other choice since a familiar foe (my older brother) would occupy the 125lb slot.

At my first Section 8 wrestling tournament, where schools across Long Island would gather to vie for first place in their weight, I would go on to face an opponent who would end up fracturing my back. In the middle of the match, I would be twisted like a dishrag through an “illegal” move, which proved to cleave off a chunk of my sacrum and send me to my first ever chiropractic appointment. Funny how we end up exactly where we’re supposed to be.

After a few months of continuous care delivered by an exceptional chiropractor, I was discharged as a patient and sent on my journey to do, you guessed it, not chiropractic. I would dedicate the next 5 years to becoming a strength & conditioning trainer for any collegiate or professional sports team.

As you can imagine, this wasn’t my path. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives that went beyond improving an athlete’s max bench by 5lbs. Being a healer of any sort was my true calling, it just took me a long time to figure out how make that my vocation.

So after some trial and (mostly) error, I ended up in Northern California at Life Chiropractic College West, earning my doctorate degree in Chiropractic and beginning to see my true path. Chiropractic was able to blend multiple facets of my diverse personality. It allowed me to be analytical, intuitive, empathetic, and physical.

A problem I faced, however, was that my lower back was still struggling to keep up with me. The vocation I would dedicate my life to wasn’t able to “fix” me. My lower back felt weak, unstable, and I’d frequently injure it through lifting, daily activities, and various unoffensive means of movement. Although I never blamed chiropractic for not healing me completely, I knew deep down that there was something I was missing.

Putting your health and healing into one facet of wellness and ignoring everything else is a direct path towards disappointment.

It was a humbling realization that true healing goes beyond a single modality, especially in the Advil, quick-fix world we live in. The truth is, chiropractic by itself doesn’t do much if you’re not willing to put in the work to change the lifestyle that lead you to the state you’re in.

What really moved the needle for me in terms of stability, a (mostly) pain-free lifestyle, and returned function was the combination of chiropractic and functional exercise. Building core strength, building my internal muscular corset, and training with more of a functional lens with an emphasis on the posterior chain (more on that in another blog 😉 ) would bring structural stability and support to the skeletal system of my body, which was aligned and cared for by chiropractors I trusted to do so.

Not every modality of health and healing works for everyone. We are all as unique as our fingerprints, and we should be treating our health and wellness with this same lens.

My message to you is to never stop walking the path of wellness and seeking betterment, even in the face of multiple disappointments and defeats. Try what you’re called to try, listen to your body, and set yourself up for a long life of activity and joy by giving exceptional attention and love to your body and nervous system. It’s never too late, you’re never too old, too injured, or too f*$#’d up

You deserve to feel brand new, at all stages of your life. So make that happen.

As Colorado’s newest resident and chiropractor, I’m so honored and excited to serve the Louisville community.

I’ll see you soon,


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