Do Migraines Ever Go Away?

Types of Migraines:

Two types of migraines that people most commonly experience are ones with aura(Classical) and ones without aura(common migraines). Aura is the flashing of lights or lines within the field of vision and is seen in 20% of migraine cases. Aura is seen with several other neurological-linked conditions like seizures and migraines.

3 common causes:

Migraines with and without aura are primarily caused by a vascular component, a cerebral spinal fluid component, or a cord tension component.

Vascular migraines occur when the blood vessels of the head and neck dilate or swell which is one of the reasons there is often a throbbing component to these headaches. The parasympathetic nervous system controls dilation or the opening of the blood vessels, which decreases blood pressure. The sympathetic nervous system controls constriction or the closing down of blood vessels which increases blood pressure. Chiropractic has been shown to be effective in helping the body to balance the two autonomic nervous systems, thus helping with this condition.




Cord tension-associated migraines occur when the atlas vertebrae is misaligned and pull the dentate ligaments which anchor the spinal cord to the spinal column. This abnormal tension can reduce cerebral spinal fluid, reduce blood flow, and can reduce the ability of the brain to transmit information from the brain to the rest of the body.

Cerebral spinal fluid(CSF) associated migraines occur when there is either too much CSF or too little. Cerebral spinal fluid flow has been shown to be altered via spinal misalignment. So when the vertebrae of the spine are properly aligned and moving correctly, CSF flows better which leads to potentially less or no more migraines.



How can chiropractic help?

Chiropractic, specifically a specialty within chiropractic called “Upper Cervical Chiropractic,” has been shown to be extremely effective in helping reduce and stop migraines. Learn more about Migraine Chiropractic Treatment here.

At Koru Chiropractic we specialize in an upper cervical chiropractic technique called NUCCA. The NUCCA technique is a gentle approach to addressing your head pain and the 3 causes. The NUCCA technique gently realigns the atlas vertebrae reducing cord tension, increasing blood flow to the brain, and allowing CSF to flow the way it should. Blood vessels are able to dilate and constrict properly by the autonomic nervous system being balanced. The nerves that control those blood vessels are in the head and neck. Upper Cervical chiropractic focuses on restoring proper function to those nerves that control those blood vessels and helps keep CSF flowing properly which can prevent migraines. You can learn more about Koru Chiropractic’s NUCCA adjustments here.