Can NUCCA help with Herniated Discs?

What is NUCCA? NUCCA stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and I’m a certified NUCCA practitioner. While I work with the rest of the spine and body, using the most advanced approaches and methods, I find this one technique of chiropractic care can get results when other approaches (PT, Massage, Acupuncture, and traditional Chiropractic) have not worked. Schedule your free consultation to learn more about NUCCA. 

Videos of How Chiropractic Care can help you

In this video, I explain how the misalignment of your head and neck relative to your Atlas bone (C1) can affect your entire posture and spinal alignment.

In this next video, I show how I assess your posture not just visually, but with an advanced tool called an Anatometer. The Anatometer is a great tool for evaluating the success of the upper cervical misalignment. I also do a post-adjustment x-ray after the first adjustment because that tells me a lot about how my adjusting angles are working and if I can change them to get an even better correction. Ultimately the goal is perfect orthogonality, but that is not always possible because of structural issues, like congenital anomalies (birth defects). In that case, what I most often find is a partial structural correction (realignment) of the upper cervical spine, but a perfect improvement in the posture, weight imbalance, and functional leg length inequality. This to me means that you are in your “structurally ideal position” that takes the most stress off the spinal cord and allows the posture and balance to return to normal.

What does an upper cervical chiropractor do?

The reason is that NUCCA chiropractors are focused on getting the spine to an “orthogonal” position which means straight and level. With a thorough X-ray or CBCT biomechanical and anatomical assessment, we know exactly how to correct the upper cervical misalignment, which corrects the head tilt and lower neck shift that causes the rest of the spine to deviate. These deviations cause imbalances in posture and how you even bear weight. Because of this NUCCA can help with more than neck pain, headaches, migraines, vertigo, and even trigeminal neuralgia, but also problems lower in the spine like sciatica, disc bulges, and disc herniations. depiction of a neck misalignment


Unfortunately, most of my clients come to me last not first, typically after trying everyone and everything. I’ve helped turn around some of the toughest disc cases and helped them avoid surgery and a life of pain and suffering. Not all cases are a good fit for NUCCA and some people do not respond, but in my career, I’ve seen far more successful outcomes than cases that fell short. If you’ve been looking for a more advanced and specialized approach to your spinal health I’d love to help you out. If you are not local, check out to find the nearest NUCCA Chiropractor near you. Contact us for a 15-minute upper cervical spine evaluation today!