A lot of people compliment me on how many reviews Koru Chiropractic Corrective Care has, and how we’ve quickly become one of the top-rated Chiropractors in Louisville and all of Boulder, and honestly, I have trouble even hum-bragging about it.

However, with the changes that have occurred during the pandemic, marketing your small business is even tougher than it was before, making online reviews the #1 decision influence in customers buying decisions according to MOZ. So reviews are not just good encouragement and reinforcement of the things we do well in the office or can even potenitally improve upon, but also, frankly more reviews help us help more people by being found at the top of the search instead of not even being on the first page.

I’m very happy to say we have OVER 250 positive reviews! I’m also proud to say, that doesn’t happen by chance and although it’s only been a few short years in practice, we are making a positive difference in people’s lives and health!

But what inspired customers to leave such positive reviews like this one?

Or this great review we just got?

I believe we are the best chiropractor in Lousiville and Boulder County for two reasons: the experience and the results we see in our patients.

In terms of the experience, I’ve modeled my practice after the best of the best businesses and brands around the country, not just in Chiropractic, but even outside of healthcare. Whether it’s being greeted by name the very first time you come into the office, the free refreshments, the zero-gravity resting chairs, the relaxing decor, and atmosphere, or the friendly team and the great relationships we have with our practice members, I think we break the mold for the typical sterile and mute healthcare office. I’ve very proud of this because I actually did the design and construction myself!


Secondly, but not least important are the results we get! I do several specialized approaches in combination, making me one of only a handful who provides care the way I do, in the entire country! Crazy because everyone I take care of wishes more chiropractors took the specialized approach I do. I sadly have to tell them it is too hard, technical, and expensive for most young doctors to handle.

Ultimately we get so many positive reviews and are the best chiropractor in Louisville because we are different. That’s why we get a DIFFERENT result than most chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, or other types of bodyworkers, and yet unfortunately most people see me LAST, not FIRST. I get it, I’m not cheap, I don’t take insurance and my approach takes a certain level of commitment because the people who come to see me have had their problems for months, if not years or even decades, so their problems are likely are not corrected in just ONE visit!! Hopefully with 250 plus positive reviews and counting we can reach more people sooner and change more lives for the better and not just be the last stop.

For as high success rates I have with patient care and outcomes, some people are sadly too far gone to get the most out of care and even need to resort to drugs and surgery. I’m often surprised how some people’s bodies can still change even with things looking and feeling the worst. Ultimately we just don’t know until we try this advanced and specialized approach to Chiropractic care.

If you’ve been struggling with your health and would like a different approach or even a second opinion I’m happy to evaluate your spine and body to see what kind of results are possible and how neurologically-based chiropractic corrective care can potentially change your health and your life!

To schedule a consultation: https://www.koruchiropractic.com/schedule-a-consultation