It’s been over a year and I honestly thought the hype would have ended….or at least people would come to their senses and start talking about all the FOUNDATIONAL things we need to be doing for immune health. NOPE. Still hyping!

They are still hyping the infection rate vs. the death rate which is the actual number that matters.

They are also not talking about things that are proven to make a difference.

The #1 factor in your response to COVID and the outcome is your underlying health… or lack thereof.

Love him or hate him Dr. Fauci is talking about it, but unfortunately, this news is not sexy enough for mass media. Here’s what he said:

“Vitamine D does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection” …

“I would not mind recommending—and I take it myself—taking vitamin D supplements.”

Dr. Fauci

The best sources for vitamin D are wild-caught fish like Salmon, Sardines or Herring, Canned Tuna, Cod Liver Oil, Egg Yolks…or if you are a Plant-based eater like me then mushrooms, or fortified plant-based milks.

Cow’s Milk is not a great source of calcium or vitamin D. Google the milk myth if you want to go down at rabbit hole.

The reality is nothing “BOOSTS” your immune health…however, there are things that are FOUNDATIONAL for immune health. Here’s what I tell my patients and what Harvard University says about the foundational elements:

  1. Exercise regularly; even daily walks can count, but not the best compared to other forms of exercise.
  2. Don’t Smoke or Drink Heavily; kind of a no-brainer at this point, but maybe a good prompt to quit if you still do…
  3. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables; if you struggle with this there are other options like dehydrated green powders or supplements like Juice+. I eat a mostly plant-based diet and I still supplement fruits and veggies in multiple ways.
  4. Get adequate sleep; Don’t cheat yourself, if you’re not getting 7-8 hours of high-quality sleep you need to get help. Sleep is the #1 recovery time for your brain and body, telling yourself you only need 3-4 hours is only hurting your body and immune health.
  5. Minimize Stress; Both acute and chronic stress responses but us in a fight or flight response where the body’s priority is survival in the short term, not optimal health and longevity. Our brains are easily triggered into a sympathetic (F or F) response so it’s important to unwind daily and get your parasympathetic tone up.

Here are 5 things that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve:

  • Humming or chanting – like Monks have been doing for millennia
  • Laughter – they do say this is the best medicine
  • Deep Breathing – I recommend 4 in-7 hold-8 slow out-breath
  • Yoga or Thai Chi – these are movement types of mediation that help take your foot off the gas pedal
  • Chiropractic Upper Cervical adjustments – research shows a correction or realignment of an Altas Subluxation will increase vagus nerve tone! This is my specialty too!

I hope these tips get you back on track and focused on the FOUNDATIONS of health, not the hype.

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